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Contact Information
Phone: 2027440316
District of Columbia, USA 20036
Company Profile

Massosport DC is a sports and therapeutic massage studio in the heart of downtown D.C. We work primarily with athletes of all levels to ensure their bodies are in the condition they need to be to reach peak performance.

We work to create and implement individual comprehensive recovery and maintenance strategies for our clients through a variety of services, including: sports massages, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cupping, and kinesiotaping.

Additionally, we offer: medical massages, therapeutic massages, lymphatic drainage massages, prenatal/postpartum massages, and hot stone massages.

Since 2017, we have provided our clients with both incredible relief and results. We are passionate about healing and progress. We are always eager to add more techniques and tactics to our menu, in order to provide the most comprehensive treatment possible.

Maybe you are looking for relief from pain, tension, or stiffness, or maybe you just want to relax! Whether you're a serious athlete, a regular gym-goer, have a medical condition, or just want to treat yourself, you'll get exactly what you’re looking for and maybe a bit more!

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