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Hi! My name is Megan Mullins and I am a co-founder of Moon Water Bookkeeping. Together with my business partner and best friend, Amanda Boucher, we are here to help other people run the financial side of their businesses. We are both retired middle/high school math teachers with over two decades of experience and both of us have degrees in Mathematics. Before retiring, we knew we wanted to work for ourselves and spent some time trying to acquire an established business. What we found when we looked at the financial statements was appalling. We knew at once what we needed to do- teach others how to take care of the financial side of their businesses. We know not everyone has experience with spreadsheets and working with numbers can be scary. I think a lot of people that have great ideas never do anything with them, because they are nervous about doing their own books. Our goal for our business is simple, teach you to do your own financial work. As former teachers, we have patience coming out of our ears. We can clean up your books, create efficient systems, teach you to do it, and even check your work on occasion. Our goals are the same as when we tutored math, once you no longer need us, our work has been a success! We are also willing to just do the books for you if you would rather spend time doing the thing you love (whatever that may be). Check out all the services we offer: general bookkeeping, starting a business, financial clean up, etc.

Empowering business owners with personalized, compassionate bookkeeping solutions from a women-owned team dedicated to your financial education and success.

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