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Handmade Mosaic Jewelry and Decor! Stained Glass Artworks.
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Mosaic Art Jewelry and Décor. Handmade colorful, rustic stained glass mosaic artworks of necklaces, rings, and more. Rad, splendid, beautiful! Visit and shop the RSBGlassArt Collection!

RSBGlassArt’s collection of mosaic artworks are handmade with the finest materials in both the stained glass and mosaic art industries. Each RSB Glass artwork consists of an exquisite array of stained glass pieces that were precisely cut and broken from sheets of stained art glass. Mosaic art crafting techniques vary widely, but generally, they all consist of a substrate (the base), tesserae (the tiles/pieces), a strong adhesive, and also grouting, which is the process of applying a mud-like/concrete-like substance to ensure that the tesserae pieces are securely attached onto their base and also for decorative purposes. Mosaic art takes time, skill, and patience, and the final results are well worth the process of creating the artworks. RSB Glass Art utilizes a variety of mosaic crafting techniques to bring you a beautiful collection of handmade mosaic jewelry and décor. View the entire RSB Glass Art collection, a gallery of uniquely original mosaic works!

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Rochester, New York, USA

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