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Phone: 2243601422
Chicago, Illinois, USA 60061
Company Profile

There’s no better feeling than belly-laughing with the ones you love and sipping on your favorite beverage. Inspired by unique expression, fun, and community, Sister.ly Drinkware offers an extraordinary experience in every sip of authentic and beautifully designed glasses. Bonded by love and laughter, Renee and Nicole Pettiford have always shared beautiful moments together over a glass of their favorite drink. To the sisters, these memories went beyond the brim and inspired them to create a drinkware brand that would replicate the joy and excitement that they experience when they get together.

Taking artistry to the next level, Sister.ly Drinkware crafts one-of-a-kind sets that ignite more than sipping but sharing fun moments that last a lifetime. By incorporating intentional designs in each collection, each design transforms the narrative of what it can be to gather over a glass of wine, tea, coffee, or a cocktail. Celebrate every moment of life when you have a Sister.ly Drinkware glass in your hand.

While most major drinkware companies are owned and operated by men, Sister.ly Drinkware is making strides in the industry and creating collections with women in mind. Each set truly represents the individuality, and mesmerizing visuals that hold value for what we trust brings beauty to any space or drink it occupies.

Celebrating Life One Glass at a Time

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