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Whole Life Elevation offers yoga, meditation, and adventure wilderness travel for women. In each experience, participants will learn components of our signature framework, Conscious Nature Connection, designed to cultivate joy, resilience, and inner strength through the waves of life.

Whole Life Elevation is Founded by Laura Adrian, a nature connection facilitator, speaker, writer and wilderness guide who offers supportive experiences for those seeking to get closer to nature.

Laura is recognized as a respected leader in the realm of nature engagement, Laura's journey has been shaped by her experiences growing up in nature and spending over 365 nights in the wilderness.

As a certified mindfulness meditation teacher at the University of California Berkeley, luminaries like Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach influenced Laura’s offerings.

Laura has graced the stage as a keynote speaker where she shares profound insights on consciously connecting to nature, offering a roadmap to overcome obstacles and live a creative, deliberate, and inspired life. Her transformative ideas have been regularly featured in the media, reflecting her commitment to deepening the connection between individuals and the natural world.

As a former chemist and environmental scientist at 3M, Laura blends nuggets of science into her inspiring experiences. In her signature 5-day wilderness immersions, she guides participants to set down the burdens of modern life, allowing them to embrace the wisdom of nature.

Being neurodivergent herself, Laura brings a unique perspective to the healing benefits of nature, especially for those who feel like outsiders. Keep an eye out for her book, offering simple, actionable steps for growing through life's challenges by consciously connecting to the natural world.

With Laura Adrian as your guide, prepare to embark on an eye-opening journey of self-discovery and profound healing through the beauty of nature.

cultivating resilience, joy, and belonging through nature

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